Timing cover and dress up???

Well......After replacing te NON-existant thermostst last week with a 190 degree on the wagon actually got to operating temperature and was happy....until I developed a Pressure leak between the Timing cover and the block on the top passenger side......Of course it had to happen just as I pulled into the Emergency room to get a cut finger stitched up.....Kind bad day all around. So I got a new water pump to put on and the correct hoses to replace those cheap spring filled flex hoses that rust away into the cooling system.........And I just realized that I have to pull the harmonic balancer and dro the oil pan to get this damn thing fixed......
So I am looking for a replacement timing cover (aftermarket) and timing set and a dress up kit to replace some of the SHI#&IEST cast parts I have ever seen on an engine...........I had to hone the thermostat housing onthe manifold and the top hose connector when I replaced the thermostat last week and anticipate having to do the same to EVERY other part I try to put back together with this 1965 273......So if you can help directing me to some better aftermarket parts I would be thankfull.(Timing cover, Timing kit, upper radiator hose connector....etc.) Plus i wonder If I have to completely remove the oil pan to do this job??????
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