Rear end

7-1/4" small bolt pattern rear end. 2:76 axle ratio. Complete with drums. While the brakes are ten years old they have less than 5,000 miles on them. Drums and wheel cylinders were new at the time. Very good condition, axle bearings and seals were replaced when brakes were done. E-Brake cables are intact, only thing needed is the rubber brake hose mounted on the axle, it is cut and plugged to keep moisture out of the hydraulics. All steel brake lines are intact too. Just needs a new home. U-bolts are intact as are the shock absorber plates. This axle was factory installed on everything from mundane 170 ci slants, hi po 273's with autos and 318 powered cars. Lived behind a mild 360 for ten years with no problems. If you have a tired whining baby rear in your mild A-Body this would be the perfect drop in replacement complete with good brakes and hardware.

Was pulled to install a heavier duty rear end.

Located in Vero Beach, FL 32968. Asking $100.00

Send me a pm if interested, pictures available. Shipping would be expensive. Will prepare for shipment if willing to arrange for pick up.

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Some pics of the rear are available here:
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