How should Manual Brake pedal feel?

After thinking about it, I have never owned a car that had manual brakes! I recently switched my Duster over from Power brakes, using an old a-body rod with a 73 Duster manual disk/drum master cylinder from Advance Auto parts. I have the stock 73 Duster disks up front, and b-body 11 x 2 inch drums out back. I also am running the stock 73 power disk proportioning valve.

Question: I have bled the brakes, and the pedal at the rest position is similar to where it was with the power brakes. When I push the pedal, it feels similar to the old power brake setup in pressure, with a grdual slowing of the car. If I want to slow faster, I have to push the brake pedal with much more effort. If I stand on the pedal, I can lock up the wheels, but this takes a lot of effort. Also, the brake light comes on, which I assume is a function of the incorrect proportioning valve. Also, if I pumpp the brake repeatedly, I get no change in pedal feel, so I believe I have the system bled properly. I did bench bleed the master also.

Is this amount of effort typical?
Author: admin