For sale: 68-69 woodgrain sport steering wheel dodge plymouth complete with horn cap!

FOR SALE: Used 1968/1969 3 spoke simulated woodgrain steering wheel, part number on the spokes is 2925134 & 83053, the horn retainer has 2925135. Also included is the horn switch, it looks good and has the wire on it. The wheel has 2 big cracks by the spokes (2 & 10 o'clock position) but that is it, no other cracks. There are some scuffs & nicks in the plastic but nothing real bad, still some grain/texture left too. The spokes had some very light rust speckles, it may clean up more. The horn retainer is good, has some small rust speckles too. the horn button is super nice, still soft and no damage, the emblem in the center is not cracked either, can be switched out for a "Plymouth" version. I believe this wheel was an option on most Mopars, including Dart and Barracuda. Could be used "as is" for a driver, or a great core to restore for show! China made repops sell for over $500, restore an original Mopar one instead!! $175 shipped to your USA door. I am in central MN, Thanks FABO!! :D

Lots of pics below :cheers:

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