cook out and clean up ice debris NOT!

I watched our local forcast on Tuesday and all looked pretty good, high 45 degrees. Cloudy with a 20% chance of precipitation. OK. I can handle 45 degrees from about noon until 3:00 or so.
I discussed with my son and friend that I would need some help and that we would also help Bro (MEMIKE) and I would help them with same cash for gas.

The local channel stated then on Wednesday that we could have some frozen precipitation. MMMM ok. Then on Thursday Morning our local television channel mentioned snow. Maybe a dusting. Then on Thursday night they said maybe 1/2 1 inch.

Friday Morning my local TV station said possibly 1- 2 inches. And also said no substantial accumulation due to the fact that it was almost 70 degrees on Friday.
Friday night we are under a winter storm advisory.

Hey, all is good! However it just bewilders me that with our technology in todays' world I should have been informed that there was a chance of a considerable amount of snow in our area. Even a 20% chance of a snow over 3 inches.

Just a mental ponder. This morning this is what I woke up to see.

Most beautifull and nice.

And thats OK!

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