ARRRRGH! I'm pulling my hair out over my brakes. '74 Valiant, 318 2 bbl. Disc Front, Drum back, power brakes. I replaced the front rotors, calipers, hoses, pads and got speed bleeders on the front. Got new drums, shoes for rear and got new wheel cylinders. First the auto parts place sold me the 13/16 cylinders after I asked for the 15/16....They said the 13/16 is what the computer showed fit the car, I told them I removed 15/16 wheel cylinders and that's what I wanted. Got home and they, of course, didn't fit. Went back and got the correct 15/16. Put the 1st cylinder in and the mounting bolt brakes in the hole. Go back and get another one....apparently the last one, used the original bolts adn no problem. Stayed with the stock bolts on the other side, no problem. Put it all back together, adjusted the adjusters, bled the system twice and I have less pedal than when I started. Oh, the second time around the bleeder broke on the passenger side. Oh, and I was using a wrench, not a ratchet..... it's been one of those days.
The booster is fairly new(ish). What am I missing?
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