Anyone near Crossville TN???

No, I don't need you to go look at a car for me.

One of my favorite powder suppliers is having their first annual Open House April 3 - 5, 2009 at Metal Craft Tools in Crossville close to Nashville. It will be an awesome opportunity to meet and greet some of the nationwide competition and teach those boys a thing or two.

The host hotel is the Holiday Inn; their "special" room rate is $89 a night and, in all honesty, I just can't afford it. I'm seeing if anyone would be interested in offering up a couch -- or even the floor! -- so I have a place to crash. It's not necessary to feed or entertain me since I'd just be in town for the seminar. I may hit you up for directions to the site though since I've never been to Nashville. LOL

Please understand nothing is set in stone yet ... I'm just testing the waters to see if going to this thing is even a possibility.

Thanks in advance for considering it and for reading my post.
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