727 clutch pack air pressure test. Fail ?

When testing the rear clutches I get a nice "thud" like the Munroe manual says I should. There does seem to be some air escaping as well however.
The front clutch pack is another story, with a waaaaaay wimpier feel to it. and a lot more air blowing-by.
This is my 2nd 727 rebuild. The last one was a long time ago but I don't remember having to question this. Youze guys think my suspicions are correct that something is amiss?
Also...why? I'm outta time to take it apart today and look at the seals, but i feel that the air is coming from the center which maybe means the seal rings (new) are not sealing. I don't like the looks of the inner bore of the front clutch retainer/drum either. Seems pretty worn but I'm wondering if I'm like the only guy in the nation who's ever had to replace that part or is it common for 'em to wear?
BTW There is no history available about what the tranny was doing before i took this car apart. It's a full restore. I hope this isn't the dumbest post of the day but I know it's prolly in the top 10, but thanks for listening.
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