360 tuning issues – cold weather driving

Here is my issue, all feedback is welcome:

Warm weather: Car runs and drives fine. Have been driving for a few years with no issue.

Cold weather: Car is gutless, like the parking brake is still slightly applied. It misses at lower rpms while accelerating, then once it gets up to 1800 - 2000 rpms it's fine. WOT runs great. I never really drove it in the cold weather before, so this is a "new" issue to me. I am assuming it is running lean with the extra dense cold air.

I had a friend over to help me tune it since I have no experience at this. We tweaked it a bit and it's better, but still missing.

360 9:1 CR
625 Carter AFB - Electric Choke (new type)
FBO Ignition
Cam: Herbert E3N 455/475

Warm idle: 940 rpms (800 in gear)
Timing @ idle: 22 degrees
Gauge shows good vacum at idle in neutral and in gear.

Since it seems to be an off-idle issue, is it possible I need to change my meter rods?

If you need more info let me know.....
Author: admin