Young gun in Tampa

Hey guys, new here but had my '74 for about 3 years now. The car started out factory a/c, power steering, front disks, vinyl top, bench seat, /6, auto car. Since I've had it I've removed the /6 replaced it with a '94 5.2l + performance ECM. 904 is gone, stock 727 in it's place. 7.25 surrendered to the 5.2 so now has a 3.55 open 8.25. Spent all last year converting from power to manual steering, from clutch to electric fan, removed front bench fabbed brackets and installed buckets. Ohhh, and built my own twin turbo setup for the engine. I'm a full time college student so things get down when time and money permit them to. Excited to be on here and I'll throw some pics up soon.
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