Wideband air/fuel ratio meters.

I just bought a F.A.S.T. wideband air/fuel ratio meter.

I plan to use it on my 360 Magnum, which is supercharged and has a SnowPerformance Boost Cooler water/alcohol injector system that is set to start spraying when the boost reaches 3.5 pounds.

On Snow's recommendation, I run windshield washer fluid (blue) in it. Supposedly, it's 50/50 water and alcohol. It sprays 4 oz. in 10 seconds.

This Boost Cooler seems to work as advertised, and I have had no problems with it, but I am curious as to whether running it into the intake airstream will affect the results of the air/fuel meter test.

Does anybody have any experience with this?

I was hoping somebody on this forum might have used one of these meters with water/alky injection and could tell me if it affects the readings.

I'll appreciate any advice or information about this.:read2:

Bill, in Conway, Arkansas
Author: admin