Welcome To The Barrio….

)(&$%#@^&**^$#$^&**!!!!!!!! :thebirdm:

This is what I found Saturday morning when I went outside to run some errands. The alarm went off and scared them off when they tried to open the door. I didn't hear it though and neither did the neighbors or my dogs. We must've been sleeping like a rock.

I normally park in back since my other truck got totalled when parked out front. For some reason I didn't. Brain fade most likely.

Anyone know how to replace these front quarter windows?

What pisses me off is that I don't have a nice stereo, this Jeep is a '92, and I had nothing of real value in it. Not even spare change. The door was half assed closed so they were trying to get in. Maybe trying to steal the Jeep itself?


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