Stop Selling Your Cars To Overseas Buyers!!!!

I live in Europe (at the moment) and here in Holland alone in the last year I've seen an alarming amount of beautifull muscle, luxoury and off-road vehicles
come this way, all American made. In the past six months I've seen two 340 Cuda's!!! Too many Challengers and Chargers, and all people do with ALL those cars here is make General Lee's out of em!! BLEGH!!!!

Too many being sold overseas!

Most people here don't apreciate lovely US domestics, please keep it in the US! One half gets rolled mat black (yes EVERYTHING from 70's coups to Caddy's) get red wheels and white walls and anything passes as a 'hotrod' stuff with a /6 is advertised as such, the other half gets turned into a G.Lee....

At this rate, with cars being pulled apart, crashed, let to rust apart in fields and being sold overseas, there won't be any reasonable numbers left in 5 years time and all of these beautifull vehicles will be only available to the uber rich, even as a fixer upper.

It's sad, I hate to see it happening. And every time I see a new ad for an American made car being brought over here I cringe...

Yes guys and galls, it's conservation time for the dying and no longer reproducing All American Vehicle. I'm not just talking Mopar, the others made plenty of beauties too and they're numbers are falling in the US just as rapidly and alarmingly.

Save your local domestic!

rant over.
Author: admin