Stepping Stones.

You know how you try to work your way up the "hotrod" ladder? I think thats how most of us do it. At least thats the only way I can afford it. I've struck a deal, to work my way up the next step. Unfortunately, I'm still two or three steps from the top, which for me is a blown, injected B-Body, but one where I find a suitable candidate for an alteration by my own hands. So- in the coming month's, my first altered, Identity Crisis, may make its way into new ownership, to help finance my next car, and a start on the third, which by the way is an early Barracuda. Life is all about setting goals, and trying to reach them. And, most importantly, having fun while doing it!!!! I've still got alot of cars left in my bones to do these altereds,and for me, its the love of putting them together, and making sure they run,and function. Drive on!!

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