Something is a-miss

Hey Folks. I hope everyone survived the ice storms the last couple of weeks. We were out of power for 8 days. I know there are still a lot still without power. Hope you get it soon.

Here is what I have going on. I took my 255 powered 71 Swinger out a few weeks ago and she ran great. A little sputtering now and then but was all good. I parked her for the week. After 2 weeks now I went to start her and take her out for a ride with the wife and daughter on Valentines day. Well I opened the door, sat down, pumped her a few times and she starts right up. Giving her a little gas till she warms up a tad. Well with my foot on the gas I noticed she was missing a whole lot and smoke started to pour out of the tail pipe. Then as soon as I took my foot off the pedal she would die. Ended taking the Ram for a drive. came home and tried again. Well she started right up but still smoking and missing real bad. I looked at the oil gauge and had only 20lbs. i ended up putting 2 quarts in her. Started her again and the same thing. So I let her sit for a few minutes and checked under the hood again and noticed oil was seeping from between the exhaust manifold and tail pipe. And it looks like there is sut in the end of the tail pipe. It appears that she may have blown something. Any ideas as to what happened? Rings go bad? Maybe the valves? I just know that I don't know what happened. If any one could help me that would be great.
I wish I had the oil pan for the 360 to put in her. is there anyway to prolong her till I can get the new motor ready? I hate that she is just sitting there.

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