Real rotten Duster -75

This is my Duster -75. Sold new in sweden, it was a daly driver until 1991 when the rust had gone to far, it was parked and abandoned. A bunch of owners later (who dident do anything whit it) i brought it in 2007 from a potatofield i south sweden.

According to swedish car registry there is about 330 Dusters left in sweden 1970-75 (76 wasent sold here).

Here is some rust..

And more... (this was the good side)ยจ

Now i would like to warn all of you pepole, this is not going to be an frame-up, 100%, mint condition resto. There will be ugly welding, there will be shortcuts, there will be volvo-parts (easy and cheap) and there will definitely be BONDO!
And to defend oneself: The car is so rotten that most pepole would part it out. Now it gets to live again.
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