Plumbing and wiring 87 318

This may be sacrilege to post here, but I've transplanted a 318 from a 5th Ave into a 1966 Coronet.

My plan is to give one shot to hooking up the factory lean burn, as the engine ran GREAT while it was in the FA. If that fails I have a 73 2 BBL to swap on, and if that fails, plan C is to go ahead and install an Eddy intake and 600 CFM 4 BBL.

I have a FSM for the coronet for the harness pinout, and a Haynes for the FM/J body that has wiring diagrams.

What I don't have is specific fuel system plumbing for that 318 carb.

Right now, my main concern is that the fuel filter has three ports, and that there is a large diameter (larger than the inlet) line with nothing attached, right at the top front of the carb.

Do these two connect, as a partial return? Anyone got a pic?

Thanks much.

**Kind of looking for a spitfire orange Volare RR with T tops**
Author: YY1