B Body Roll/Show Cage

Does anyone know of a show/roll bar/cage for the B body ? A ’68 Hard top to be more specific. Possibly a 4 point for looks not for possible use. :no:…

vic hubbard told me….

A guy there told me that with the seat pressure of around 115-120 that i dont need to take my inner spring out during break in. He and my machinest told me the same things, so is this true??? or is it just SAFER to do so….

And they turned me on to royal purple break in oil…. any views?

anybody go from S.S springs to Caltracs

S.S. springs could only get me 1.55 60′ on a drag radial and foot braking to 2200 !
Foget using the trans brake at 4500 !!!!

Cal trac has said it will work just like a 4 link, any body do this swap ??

few more bucks and I could just go real 4 link or ladder bars.
Car is street driven,some times, and track driven just as much.

Lets see yer Flat Black Hoods

Hey guys,

Im going to paint my 71 scamp either sassy grass or sublime and I want to paint my hood semi-gloss black to break up all the green, but im not going to run any scoops….Im not sure if i want the whole hood black or just the outside flat parts (those with scamp hoods will know what im talking about)….anyways lets see some pictures of your cars with black hoods (no scoops would be better, but it doesnt matter) and hopefully i can get some idears here…

thanks guys8)

slide show

Here’s a few pictures I threw together hope it works.
It’s a shortened version of what I did Photobucket didn’t like the length
or the music copy rights you know.



Image: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=CkRjL7oqgTw

New to B-Bodies Only

Hello to everyone!! This site is awesome! Hope to fit right in

This is my car

1965 Plymouth Satellite
Attachment 753…