’73 Duster parts for sale

No engine ( was 318 )
904 transmission for small block
Interior is described in separate ad
Good glass, except for a couple chips in windshield
Disk brakes (sale pending)
V8 K-frame
I’ll list other items as I get to them.

Let me know what you need – no part too small.
PM or e-mail jnlandes@sbcglobal.net

Cluster problem

I have a problem with my lights in the cluster not working, the lights in the shifter (column shifted) and the light in the radio works, but the cluster lights dont work and the problem is that the brake and oil light work, and dont they have the same ground as the other lights? Also the bright and the turn lights dont work either and I did replace most of the bulbs.its a 68 valiant if thats any help (hopefully this makes sense)

Selling ’73 Duster black interior trim

I have some extra pieces in very nice driver condition.

sail panels 2 ea
door tops 2 ea
kick panels 2 ea
A-pillars 2 ea
door handle pockets 2 ea
steering column trim 1 ea

Total for full set = $195, plus actual shipping only

tire pressure????

What should my tire pressure be with 205/60/15 tires in the front and in 275/60/15 in the rear?

WTB A body Oval shifter boot….

Found em on E bay is $59 the going rate or is the factory part# serviceable at a reasonable price? I have several new clutch fork boots…

looky what Ima gittin!

Demonic aint it!

14-inch sbp wheels in Socal

Looking for a set of sbp 14s for my valiant. 5×5 inch wide would be ideal. Not Rallye