’71 Go Wing

I have an original 71 go wing with brackets in good shape. No cracks or issues needs repainted. I was gonna put it on my 71 duster but decided not to. What is it worth? I see repops for 399.00. Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks Mike

A-100 van/pickup rears?

I have heard that the rears from an A-100 van/pickup is the same with as an A-body,can anybody confirm this to be true?
If it is i found one i can’t get fairly cheap!

what with this car on ebay


500 stroker oiling

Anyone ran a milodon external pickup in a 66 B body? Which way does the line work best up or down like in the photo.

Kick Down

Does anyone know if the kick down/passing gear linkage is the same for a 727 or the 904? Need linkage for a 69 340 Dart, can get the linkage off a 71 318 904 Dart. At least I think it had a 904, the 318 is still there so that’s certain.

Thanks in advance for any help.

whos bringing their cars to hot august nights?

i will be all around next week .
i have wed-sun off..
i will be at the swap meet thurs-fri for sure.. and i am going to the drags in fernley friday nite 6pm-midnight, with my 440 dart…
what are you guys doin??
anyone going to find some street races????

Where to get Sending Units for Factory Gauges

I am assuming that there is a sending unit for the factory rallye dash temp and oil gauge. Anybody know where I can get these? I also assume that the alternator guage does not have a sending unit, that it is built into the wiring. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.