Carb Diagram? Anyone?

Does anyone have an exploded view diagram for the Carter BBD 2 bbl carb? Or maybe an old carb of the same design they will sell me cheap? I gave the carb to my guy at the machine shop to clean and rebuild and he says I am missing a spring that doesn’t come with any rebuild kit! I believe it is a jet metering spring,but don’t know with out th proper diagram. I can get the actual tag number from him tomorrow if that helps. Thanks,Dan

Sweet ,Nasty


Factory Primary’s Q & Extrude Honing Q

Are factory 318 Exhaust Manifold Primaries 1 5/8″? Or smaller?

Also, who has had their Exhaust Manifolds Extrude Honed? I was checking prices at a couple places and it looks like $600+ is where I would stand

I want to make my own headers, but I am finding it to be a PITA (anyone who’s tried and succeeded, hats off)

Now I am looking at using modified B-Body Manifolds or honing my 318’s for Sleeperness.

Still though, Exhaust hone anyone?

68 A 100 pick-up craigs list billings montana

Not mine- just passing along.

Hydrogen Car

I wonder what happen to this car and company?

What do you guys think of these H4 conversions on ebay?

I would like to upgrade my headlights and came acroos these…

Just dropping in to say HI!

I found this site while on another site looking for all the info I can find for our 1974 Duster with a /6 & A/C
I’m sure I will have of stuff to ask, but right now I’ll be spending a lot of time looking around.
BTW. I’m in PHX, AZ