Nascar! Sorry!

I could not help myself, But Mark Martin is and has made Arkansas proud by the way he handles his self on the track and on tv.
He is a good driver and I am hopping he can get him a win for the Army car.
Ok! I know he is driving a brand x car, But he is a fine man that has represented our state of Arkansas well.

Indianapolis motor speed way the brick yard is a good race to watch.
So Just for me lets give mark a shot at winning today.

Yes I have met him and he used to do a Sunday or two at…

need a center cap

would anyone have a center cap for a 14″ american racing outlaw wheel?one was missing when i got the car.thanks

Dart not running right.

Ok, I will try my best to explain what is going on, and what I have done so far… What it does is it will run fine up until I get into 4th gear on the freeway and then it seems to not have any power, kind of just surges. I can hold it steady and it is not too bad, but it does seem to lose power and I end up slowing down. Now I can come to a complete stop and take of and it is fine until I get up to speed again, Ok, so far I have switched out the dist. as I was thinking that might be the…

stupid dash ?..

alright fellas. im starting to pull the dash out to paint it.. first snag.. how do i get the headlight switch out without snapping it off? the wiper just pulled out.. easy enough.. any help?

I hate wrinkle paint!!!

man ive been trying to spray this right for 3 days now im in FL, ive been using plastic kote wrinkle paint for my aircleaner trying to give it the original wrinkle finish ive sprayed the thing just as it says 1st time it didnt do anything so i stripped it all back down then resprayed it an layed it in the hot FL sun and it wrinkled a little but not like it should i’ll prob spend another $8 can n do it again anybody use a different type of wrinkle paint that works better

Anyone got this kinda scoop?

Does anyone got this kinda scoop on one of they’re cars? can we see some pictures of it i want to see if it looks good before i buy one thanks.


Mopar glass decal

Does anyone have a mopar glass decal that goes at the top of windshield? How much did they cost? and if you got and extra would you mind maybe selling one to me?

P.s Can i see some pictures of some also Thanks