Dual Scoop Air Cleaner

Does Anybody Have A Picture Of What The Air Cleaner Looks Like For The 70 – 72 Dart Demon With Dual Scoop Looks Like? I Have A Demon With Scoops, Holes In The Hood And The Rubber Grommets In Place, But Dont Know What The Factory Air Cleaner Looks Like.

1969 Valiant, 340…TCI 727…8 3/4 w/3.55

This belongs to my best friend.
He has it on the KC craigslist, looking to sell, to buy a pontoon boat, to spend more time with family. Car is located in KC. I copied and pasted his craigslist ad….I can answer any questions….

I will have better pictures tonight, if weather permits.

For Sale
1969 Plymouth Valiant
Engine: 1972 dated 340
Induction: Holley 750CFM, Air Gap Intake manifold
Cylinder Heads: 340 with 2.02 intake valves, bowl blend, mild porting

Direct Connection Crossmember.

When I had a BB Dart in the 80’s, it had a crossmember w/ spool type factory mounts that DC sold. Do any of them surface nowadays? I guess the Schumachers(sp?) have eliminated their practicality.



I have a 727 Auto that was hooked to a driveshaft which was out of balance….it ate up some u-joints, and vibrated & made you crazy…..didn’t drive it much…..I had a new shaft made and balanced, and installed it….Nice…..ALMOST all of the vibration is gone, but NOT quite……

Now, when the car is in Drive and downshifts smoothly at low speeds (around the village….allowing the car to shift itself), when you get to a low rpm in second, and it’s ready to downshift into…

bblk manifold & ignition

selling: a bblk holley street dominator single plane manifold- 75.00 + ship
an fbo ignition setup- custom dist. w/cap, control box and pre cut spark plug (fyrewire) wires. used this setup to make 4 passes at the track. – 250.00 + ship
i`m @ 00835 my email is one5rd@msn.com if you want to see pics. don`t kbow how to put them on here.

Worlds fastest car Miramichi Canada

This weekend is the worlds fastest street car shoot out held in Miramichi New Brunswick Canada, anybody going? There are cars coming from Alaska, Austraila, England just to name a few. One of our locals holds the Canadian record in a 68 camaro 7.02 @ 199 mph.

Small bolt pattern rims

looking to buy small bolt pattern rims, anything wider than like 5 inches which is what is on my car, the stock rims from a 6 cyl car. preferably something from vancouver island BC Canada so there isnt shipping costs