New job

I just got hired on at the hospital, learning how to perform circumcisions.

The money’s not great, but I get to keep the tips.

505 stroker kit

Fits 440 block. Will be 12-1 with 65 cc head and .040 head gasket Probe rotating Assambly. 4.25 stroke. 2.2 journals. 6.8 rod 2.2 big end .990 small end. 4.350 bore pistons. .990 pin. All brand new parts. $2150.00 usd shipped in Canada or the lower…

70 Rally Dash Bezel Cut For Aftermarket Radio

I’m just going to throw this out here in the event someone by chance has one. I’m looking for a really nice unrestored or a restored rally dash bezel for my 70 Dart that has been cut for an aftermarket radio.

’67 Dart right fender

’67 Dart passenger fender needed. Like the ad says, I will pay up! I wouldn’t give you my “hard to find” parts for free and I certainly don’t expect you to, but I’m not interested in buying rust. Please message me if you have a fender. Thanks, & stay safe out there in this crazy ass world. God bless you all

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1967 Coronet front pass bumper bracket


Need a good passenger side front bumper bracket

B&M #80690 MegaShifter – brand new

For sale is a new B&M Megashifter #80690. It includes the standard shift indicator window plus the extra #80697 for a reverse pattern valve body as well. I bought them both new at Summit – cost $398+tax. It’s a really cool shifter but unfortunately for me, I decided to go a different route for my shifter once I got my build to this point. This shifter was set in the car and the shift cable bracket that attaches the cable to the trans and the shift arm were painted red to match my car….

B&M #80690 MegaShifter – brand new

73 Duster….milkshake shit

Well..the Duster sat for over a year in the garage….started it up about a month ago…notice smoke out of the passenger side exhaust…intake bolts were all loose…tighten up smoke gone…and checked valve cover bolts too…loose..tighten up…