Ok…another whats it worth….a “340” this time.

So do you think this one looks like a real 340 or an attempt at a clone with transfered fender tags and VIN and rally cluster from another car??

1970 plymouth duster....claims its a 340 car.


I am told it has a stock 318 in it (not sure what year) and a a 904 reverse valve body, 391 posi rear end 8 3/4 inch.

He says the car runs but need an exhaust to drive.... and that he has a (non matching) 340 block and heads to go with the car...no idea on condition.

I emailed the seller and got the fender tag info....matches the vin he supplied and it appears to be a 340 car....the orig color was red, the rally dash is there...interior doesnt match seats wise but color wise it does (black).....pictures show a small brake pedal , so it should be an manual car, which is what the tag says.....(floor 3 speed manual). Rally rims.

Looks like there is some bondo/bodywork issue in front of the left rear wheel....and not sure about pasenger side quarters?

Trunk LOOKS like it could be original.....same with underhood....looks like red paint peeking though that black stuff...not sure if its paint or maybe undercoating? The car has obviously been repainted. But at least it seems to be the right color or at least the right color family (red).

The car has the wrong grill, right?

So, "whats it worth" ?

Thanks in advance all for your help!
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