Newbie introducing myself and my car

I just registered. I'm kinda old in some people's books, 64 next month, and very old-school minded when it comes to cars and most other topics. Unemployed since late '99, and decided to take early pensions and work part time.

About 3 years ago I was looking for a new ride and found a '79 Volare with the Duster package in the "back row" area of a used car lot. Being another old timer, the owner referred to it as "that little Plymouth coupe". He said he'd take $1995 for it. Had to be jumped to start but drove fine. He deducted $60 'cause it needed a battery. I bought one for $45 and it's still in there. It has the Super Six and automatic. Arrow straight body (tan), super reliable, and after a polish and wax the paint looks fantastic. People ask if that's original paint. It is. My adult son said it was an appropriate "old man car", but asked to use it a week after I got it.

I need to tweak a few things on it so I decided to join the forum to share stories and ask for advice. Glad to be here. At my age I'm glad to be anywhere. Had to write that, it's in the rules.
Author: MrRoute66