Maaco paint jobs?

Anybody here get their car painted at Maaco? I'm 16 and can't really afford a good body shop paint job. I plan on using my Duster as my daily driver/ show car for the summer so I want something that looks nice. I've seen some Maaco paintjobs where the car has very little clear coat shine to it (almost looks like they didn't put any on) so I'm leaning towards the Signature paint job which includes a two step base coat/clear coat application but they don't list any prices on their site? SO, anybody here get their car painted at Maaco, how did it turn out and if you don't mind, how much did it cost & please post pictures. Thanks!

There's also another route I might take. I got turned onto a guy up Island from me who apperentley has good prices but I haven't had a chance to contact him yet.
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