Luck or help from God?

This summer July 6th I got into an accident with my 74 Swinger I rear ended a guy on the way to church after he may have decided to make a last minute turn (drum brake darts can not out stop a cavalier) but there was some odd things that happened with it the day before I happened to be in the trunk and just oddly decided to tighten down the straps for my custom made tether harness for the kids, and on the way to church before the accident my wife out of the norm decided to move her seat belt below her stomach (she was pregnant) after the accident with the car basically wrecked nobody was hurt although everyone went to the hospital my wife by helicopter the people I hit were even nice enough to ask if we were okay and give their condolences about the car. all this just seems a little out of place but oddities happen right? When I was at the hospital the kids each got a sticker from the nurse who only knew we had been in an accident nothing more. The stickers were a ambulance and a Dodge dart....still just seem odd? I didn't even know they made Dart stickers at any rate seems very odd ball to me with maybe a lot of influence from upstairs.
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