Lot’s of challenger stuff – all has to go.

Hey folks. I'm selling a large collection of mopar vehicles and parts after passing of father and the family prepares to sale the estate. There is too many parts to really list but I will try and give some details and pictures. I need some advice on what to ask for a few things (i have ideas, but I would like some confirmation). I don't want to ship anything, I will consider bringing a bunch to Nationals in Columbus, but I'd rather sell locally.

The ebody stuff is mostly 70-71, but some later years also. I may not be completely accurate on some of the numbers, but this is close. Lot's of other stuff too, 8 3/4 pigs, max wedge heads and intake, several 340 blocks and manifolds, 340 x-heads. too much to list.

6+ pair challenger fenders.
8+ pairs of doors.
various bumbers, grills.
NOS NOS MoPar #3404591 and #3404592 (PAIR) chrome exhaust tips
Nice sport wheel and crush can.
Real nice dash complete with frame and heating controls. Missing pics for this, but it doesn't have any cracks. I can get pics later on this week. I can also get pictures of doors and panels if anyone is interested.

Any advice on price is appreciated.

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