It Sure Was Fast on TV

Carrying a heavy load and going slow, I was in the number four lane of Hwy 80 when I heard the short siren burst. Immediately I checked the outside mirror to see where the cop car was and noticed a white Nissan 370Z in the fast lane, that seemed to be trying to get out of the way of the black and white.... accelerating to find a hole to pull aside, he was being chased, the old Ford with Red and Blue LED's flashing, within feet of his bumper.
Presently, I passed them on the shoulder, the 'Z' blocked off by the patrol cruiser and the Patrolman with his knee in the back of the prone driver as he handcuffed him.
Well, well, well. The hot-rod Nissan driven by the TV commercial pretty man didn't stand a chance against a Police Interceptor and a ticked-off California Highway Patrolman with high performance driving skills.
Tee Hee.
Author: Shatto