I’m Back

Well, I had to go to the hospital again on Tuesday (2/17/09) again because of my heart. :heart::sad5:

It was causing problems again. I spent 10 hours in the ER before being moved to the cardiac floor. Get this ... I was in the exact same room my husband (Grumpuscreature) was in back last summer when he had to have his bypass !!

I had a heart catheterization Friday afternoon. The doc found out I actually have a heart!! WOW :toothy10: LOL

But, seriously, there were no blockages or any other problems. The next step though is if my heart does wacky $hit again.... I have to have a " JUMP START" meaning I have to be put under.... then they STOP my heart then shock it back to life.... the end result SHOULD be regular rythm :love4:...

Here are a few family friendly pics of what I brought home with me
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and here is Stitch our 29 pound feline lying on my suitcase, saying,"If mommy leaves again, she has to take me , too or she ain't going anywhere!!"
:blackeye:Attachment 62970

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers!


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