how to get deck hight and piston info

I know it's been asked before but how do I check my deck hight???from what point to what point ..then is there a way for me to get the info I need to know about my piston that I can check(bme piston they cant help without the piston work sheet if I had that I would not have called them) anyway if I check for the cnter of pin to top of flat and then what it's a dome top..looks just like the trw piston just alot lighter I think with the fire slots...I know my head cc 68cc gasket is going to be fel pro 1008 or 8553 I think that # is right its a stock strock 340 bored 30 4.070 .thanks for any help...Is ther a special tool I need to get the deck hight or can I use a tape meas????? I have a mag. base and the gauge and a old cheap dial ind. thats not very big about 6" i think...:clock:
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