How did you get her involved in cars?

Ok so I'm building the 48 for Nikki

and I told her that she was going to help with this one but... I'm they type of guy that gets all bent out of shape when other people work on my cars. I'm constantly looking over to make sure that it is done right and for the most part I can get more work done by myself than I can with 2 or 3 people helping even if I know they know what they are doing.

That being said the 48 is Nikkis car and I know that she wants to work on it and learn but she also knows that I would try to show her how to do something and end up doing it myself and she would just end up standing there, get fed up and go back inside.

I know I'm not the only one like that, so how do you get "her" involved in the actual build so she is doing more than just standing next to the car looking hot at the shows?
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