Hello From Upstate New York

Just thought I'd stop in and say a quick "Hello". My name is Brian and I live about an hour north of Albany, New York. I wish I could brag about the B Body I own or the Hemi car or any old, vintage Mopar for that matter, but I can't. At least not yet anyways.
I am currently beginning my serious search for a vintage Mopar though. I have spent alot of time narrowing down my list of cars I would like to own, and of those, ones I could AFFORD to own. I have narrowed the list down to a Charger, Roadrunner, or even possibly a Dart, if the car caught my eye and was reasonable enough in price.
Of the Roadrunners, the '70-'74's are by far my favorites. The Chargers that catch my eye are the '71-'74 vintage and I like the looks of the '71-72 Darts. I know these cars weren't known for the performance of earlier versions, but as I said, these cars are ones that are more in my price range. I can't see paying a ton of money for a car that needs even more money to make it road worthy just to have it sit in a garage or in my yard for years while I try to scrounge money to rebuild said car. I'm also quickly tiring of the ads telling everyoen how "rare" the car trying to be sold is. I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe a '73 Duster with a slant six engine and automatic transmission with "console delete" option is rare. The way I look at it right now, ANY Mopar is rare to me simply because I don't currently own one.
I do, however, own a 2000 Dodge Ram 4wd Standard Cab, Shortbox pickup though, so maybe the counts for something.
Anyways, I look forward to getting to know everyone here and making new friends. I also look forward to learning more about these great cars and hope that in the future I can become a more valuable, contributing member. Thanks for letting me join!!! :headbang:
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