Hello, 65 polara – 426 street wedge — need help with value

Hey folks. New to the forum and I need help on getting a value on Mom's polara. The car has been stored away in the garage for 20 years. I'm having trouble getting a value on the car, I've had opinions given with such a great range of value that I need to have others chime in to ease her mind when selling. I've only been able to find values on the convertibles, and this one is special because of the power plant, but it has no other bell's and whistles. Here is what I know. It is a 1965 Polara with factory 426 street wedge - original motor. It was repainted during the 1980's when dad used to show the car in local car shows (and win quite a few best in show - original class) It hasn't been started in a very long time, and the master brake cylinder is leaking (brakes go to the floor, albeit slowly.) I'll posts pics of the tag and a couple other shots. Interior is super clean, column shift, seat's are like new (80's restoration). Any help is appreciated.

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