front end sits too low

I think I posted about this once before, but I'm still battling this problem.

I can never get the front end of my '74 Duster to sit at a decent/stock height. I have maybe 3" of clearance from my oil pan to the ground when the car is sitting (less when you're driving, obviously) This is the second pan on the 340, I lost the previous pan when it smashed up in after I went over a high spot in the road in an intersection. The LCA's almost sit on the lower bump stops, infact the driver's side lower bump stop is gone, the LCA busted it off from riding on it too much.

I've adjusted the torsion bars almost to the max (maybe 3 turns left) but it's still nowhere near acceptable.

I have 205/70/14's on the front and 28x10-14's on the back, with a 340/833. Did have 185/75/14's and 28x10-14's on it with a 340/727, but went with bigger tires in the front to try and bring the front end up.

I have .890 torsion bars on the car (891L on the left and 890R on the right) and tried other torsion bars. I've even had tons of mopar nuts check the car too, every one of them walked away scratching their heads in confusion. We've never been able to find anything wrong with the car, nothing broken, nothing out of place, that would cause it to sit so low in the front.

The car is on the lift right now and I'm scratching my head, going over it again to see if I can find something wrong. Any ideas, guys?

Other than the ride height in the front being the worst I've ever seen (none of my other a-bodies have this problem), the alignment is spot on and the car drives nice... fear small dips in the road like they were 40 foot deep craters though.
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