Fixing up My 78 LeBaron

Well I won't call it a restoration because thankfully it won't be that extensive but it will still be quit a bit of work and I thought it might be cool to share with some pictures along the way. This will take place over the next year or so and I will be driving and enjoying the car as I work on it. For the exterior I am going to repaint it and put a new top on it. It will be getting painted cop steelies and some fresh rubber and I will detail the chrome and other odds and ends. I also plan on sprucing up the interior with a new headliner, new front seats, recover the rear seats, new carpet and repainting the interior plastic pieces. That along with some mechanical odds and ends will take me through the summer. Next winter I am going to build a new motor for it. I just got the original A998 tranny rebuilt by Wedans Performance in Indy, it will handle about 450-500 hp. I'm not exactly sure yet what I will be building but it will be something in the small block family, 318, 360, LA, magnum, maybe a stroker, I haven't decided but you get the idea. I will be either beefing up the 8.25 or swapping in an 8.75, I haven't decided yet along with some other mechanical upgrades (exhaust, brakes). I also will be adding a floor shifter and some new gauges to monitor things. This is the plan maybe not a great one but a plan none the less. The LeBaron doesn't have any rust or body issues to start with, thats why I bought it, and is in very good shape overall, so much of my effort and money will be spent on the fun stuff like looking cool and going fast (Safely). I hope you follow along and any comments or suggestion will be appreciated. The first set of picks is what I'm starting with, a clean and very solid car to say the least, but defiantly showing its age. It came to Indiana from Colorado about 10 years ago and has been in a barn pretty much ever sense, 72,xxx original miles.

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