fill ya’ll in

went to court this am, I told ya'll I'd come out good. Judge dismissed the case and awarded me $ he then heard of he 3 "supposed" claims against me, one as low as 85$ even. YES only $85 BUCKS!, he dismissed it as a "waste of the courts time".
He warned the court appointed prosecuter(s), that if thier case against me was not of merit like today, that he would also seek to dismiss the other 3 charges against me as well and add other civil, punative, defamation,, and compensatory damages as well. DON"T mess with a Kansas boy legally, he might actually be debuacated a bit. The judge asked what my settlement amount might be I told him a Written and PUBLISHED apology and admission of what they had to pay me TAX FREE, in all the local newspaoers, AND the Topeka Cqapitol Journal, and the Kansas City Star, $500,000.00

I know, never get it, but always go for more than you'd settle for. So I did