Doing the Sanford and Son Stuff

Damn, I am shot. Been doing the sanford and son thing hard core the last few days. How in the hell does a guy get so much sh#t piled up all the time? LOL! I had no clue just how much junk I had sitting around. I kept the really nice steel,tires and good parts but got rid of a few truck loads of all kinds of tin,cast,steel, aluminum and even a small piece of stainless. Still got a load of cans but will wait till late this month to haul them in. The reason I been doing this is (well besides Michelle bitching) is one of my boys is getting married at my house the 28th of this month before he deploys to crapganistan. So the Runner just sits and waits. LOL!! But what the hell I did manage to buy a new car hauler for the Runner. And I had to move all the stuff anyway for some new fence going up sometime soon,,the good stuff 3 wire high tensile, not alot around 700ft is all,,around the house area. So here you go more or less a pointless thread,,but what the hell. So what are you guys up too?
Author: hemi67s