Complete 360 engine for sale..carb to oil pan

Im selling the complete 360 that is currently in my Duster. It has an extreme energy cam, J heads and an edelbrock performer rpm intake with a 600 holley double pumper. Im selling it because I bought a new crate motor. The engine runs fine and needs just a refreshening as it does burn a little oil. I think because of the valve guide seals. Im on Long Island and the engine will be in the car for a couple of weeks if you want to inspect it and hear it run. The carb,cam ,lifters and timing chain were all changed last year so they have about 3000 miles on em. Im looking for a resonable offer. This is for pick up only. PM me if you are interested.

date on block is 9-6-84
# stamped is 4179930-360
Author: admin