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Change AM radio to Retrosound – 79 LeBaron

So, the change is done. As “usual” unfortunately not enough pictures made…
But here’s my how-to, hoping it might help someone.


Then I took off the instrument cluster bezel, removed two screws of the old radio and disconnected the few connections on the rear (it’s basically only one connector for 12V and light, one 2-wire for the front speaker and one single wire for the rear speaker.

I hooked up the new radio as follows:
12V (IGN) -> replaced…

Change AM radio to Retrosound – 79 LeBaron

Help Needed: I would like to get my F-Body back on the road again. Its been 8+ years.

Need rear frame sway bar mounts that bolt to the frame rails. ( I have the bar and U-Bolt spring mounts)

Need a correct Steel original 360 engine oil dip stick and tube. (No chrome stuff)

Nice complete un-cut 318/360 w/A/C engine wiring harness.

Magnum Heads onto LA block

Hi Guys,

I thought I saw a sticky for this somewhere, a search didn’t turn up anything, so if there is a post can someone point me in the right direction.

I am not happy with the performance of my 360 LA engine, it goes ok! But it should go better! I suffer from all the same problems, low comp, open chamber heads, poor flow. I have been exploring all kinds of options (5.7 hemi, 408 crate engine, alloy heads) but I think what I want to do is put magnum heads onto my LA block.

So I am…

Magnum Heads onto LA block

Replacing a broken temperature control cable / 79 LeBaron

The service manual is quite clear on how-to (remove instrument bezel and upper dash trim). But it missed the removal glove box (easy) and (at least loosening the upper part) of the lower dash trim – both sides!….
You can’t just take the long vent channel (behind the glove box) out, as it is screwed into the lower dash trim from behind… See pictures. I was lucky to secure a NOS cable. Now it works again.

While at it, I replaced the monaural dash speaker with a Retrosound stereo speaker….

Replacing a broken temperature control cable / 79 LeBaron

340” W2 race engine build thead?

is there any interest in my 340 W2 race engine build? if there is, i will take photos and document the build.

Kit car spoiler repair

So the kit’s spoiler is a little worse for wear many cracks found a tool on Amazon to melt staples into the cracks works awesome nice and sturdy now a little epoxy primer and paint as good as new

View attachment 41958

View attachment 41959

View attachment 41960

View attachment 41961

Any big block oil pan pictures on a F-Body

I am getting ready to swap a different big block into my Volare. The one in it now has a 187 oil pan with the notch for A and C body steering clearance. It does not look like the notch needs to be there. I could swap it to the new engine if I need to, …