Carter 2361 a BBD???

Howdy, I just got a cast iron 2 barrel intake manifold from a friend that will fit my 1984 225 slant six truck. My friend also included several carburetors, and the 2 barrel in the box is a Carter with number 2361 embossed just below the Carter Carburetor St. Louis USA embossing on the bowl. It seems to have a 2.375" venturi and 1.4" bores. Does anyone know exactly what carburetor this is or its application. There is no tag on the carburetor, just a paper sticker that is no longer readable. Sorry, I don't have a way to post photos. I presume with about inch and a half bores, this is probably for a 360 or 400. Will it work for my slant??
Thanks all!!!
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