Can anyone help me with a Plymouth choke problem?

On this Plymouth I've got with the 170CID 1bbl Holley 1920 the choke seems to be killing the engine. I got the engine started today after two years of the car sitting. Before that I cleaned/sealed the fuel tank, put new float/sock on the fuel sending unit, rebuilt the 1bbl Holley 1920, new points, condenser, plugs, fuel filter, air filter. Without a whole lot of trouble it fired up and after it warmed a bit it ran pretty good. But when slowly driving it around if you went to give it a lot of gas it would die immediately. I had a buddy helping me that said it's the choke isn't operating. When I got the car the previous owner had the original stove choke in the glove box and rigged up some kinda manual pull choke that wasn't even hooked up so I yanked it. I let the original choke coil soak in some EVAPO-RUST and reinstalled it. One of the bolts was broken off so I couldn't tighten it all the way in, but it still stayed. Does the choke mess up a lot on these Holley 1920s? Is there a way to keep it original and working good?
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