Cam intake closing importance

Hello all.
Running 318,30 over, KB 167 0 deck, stock length rods, stock crank (3500 miles on short block). Edelbrock 60779 heads ( not ported). 1.6 rocker arms compression ratio at 9.8:1. I was running a Mopar p#p4120653 “528� solid flat tappet cam ( it was on the shelf).
Pumping hot averages 135 to 140 psi. Intake valve closes at 72 deg.
Engine has put the car at 13.0sec with 3.91,28� tire at 105mph. 60 ft average 1.88. Running a 3200 stall.
The dynamic compression works out to 6.41 ( 528...

Cam intake closing importance
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