Borgeson Steering Couplers

So I have done a few searches on google and on this site..but I haven't found any real information.

I have a manual column and manual steering box in a '67 cuda. I am looking a steering coupler thats not $160+ plus dollars like the flaming river unit.

I cannot find any actual specs on the the flaming river unit part number
FR1506M as far as spline count, spline diameter, shaft diameter "Which I'm pretty sure is 3/4 dd and length of the over all unit to complare to on the Boregson website.

My questions are:
1) what are the specs on the flaming river coupler FR1506M?

2) does anybody have a borgeson part number that would be the same as the flaming river piece...either in stainless steal or mild steal?

3) Does flaming river make a cheaper version...maybe not polished?

Then if this does get ironed out we should add all the part numbers to a new post in the tech archive...

Thanks Jim
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