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‘70 300 – Universal Joints

I’ve been refinishing the driveshaft including replacing the U joints in my ‘70 vert. In a box of parts I have, I came across two NOS u joints, one from NAPA the other from Precision. I have no idea what car these were intended for, but they did c…

Trim Beauty Rings 14 Inch

I don’t know what these are off of, there are no markings. They are aluminum and are in decent condition, $25 plus shipping.

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1970-71 Chrysler 300 Fenders Hood Deck Lid and Valance

I’d really like to clear these parts out, I would hate for them to just go to scrap. Fenders are from a ‘71 300, they still have the BSM pins, hood deck lid and valance are ‘70. The ‘70 hood is different from the ‘71 in that it does not have the holes for the Chrysler letters along the front edge. Valance is solid, just needs to be straightened. Located in South Jersey, local pickup only, I cannot ship these, but would be willing to drive them a reasonable distance for a fee. I was asking…

1970-71 Chrysler 300 Fenders Hood Deck Lid and Valance

1969-70 Chrysler 300 Single Exhaust Extension Pipe

Wanted, the intermediate or extension pipe between the Y and the forward muffler for 1969-70 Chrysler P/N 2643548. It has a flange on one end to bolt up to the Y and 2 1/8 OD outlet. I don’t know the length. Thanks!

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Carter AVS Rebuild

Uncharted territory for me here, first time rebuilding a carb and I’m already stuck. The carb is the Carter AVS 4966S that was on the ‘69 440 motor. It appeared to be in decent shape, but I figured it was worth going through with a new kit. I wa…

Starting the 440 for the First Time!

Ok, moment off truth will be happening next or so, provided my body stops breaking down, lol.

First, what is the bare-minimum wiring that has to be in place to run the engine for cam break-in? Do I need the column hooked up if I use a remote starter? Could I just bypass the bulkhead connector?

Trans is rebuilt, is is necessary to have the kick-down linkage set up first? I know I have to add fluid after the engine starts so the pump doesn’t burn out.

Carb is rebuilt, how do you get…

Starting the 440 for the First Time!

New cam and bearings hard to turn

So today I decided to start putting the engine back together. The machine shop installed new cam bearings and I got a Melling SPD-11 CS-327. It was the closest I could get to stock. I lubed everything with the cam lub. The install went well until t…