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small block balancer issues

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help a friend out 63 barracuda had a shop put motor in they had no idea what they were doing. after 2 years he pulled car out Im helping him get it running it has a 340 never started with edelbrock heads rpm intake and holley
went to put torque conv bolts in and found out motor would barely turn over with a breaker bar. found the balancer was hitting timing cover pointer for timing mark and bottom of water pump. its def a 340 motor is there diff balancers for small blocks?
i looked on mancini and summit and jegs and looks like 7 in or 7 1 /4 is there also a 6.5 in balancer?
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carter afb adjustments

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Helping a friend out 63 chrysler 300 413 long cross ram all stock restored car. has what appears to be factory carbs so I want to keep it that way I am goin to replace accell pumps as they only squirt when you hit it hard. I will check float levels etc while inside main question is in between the idle adjustment screws there is a large adjustment screw I have never seen before Its about 1/2 wide has a spring on it and looks just like the idle adjustments usually there is a vacuum port there. does anyone have experience with this and is it factory carb for this engine?
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440 strange engine noise

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so I have and engine noise Ive had in my cuda for probably 10 yrs I cannot seem to figure it out. gave up till I freshened the engine up now it bothers me. first I am a trans and engine tech for dealer I build engines and transes every day for 30 years. master tech at a dealer. of course not building 440s anymore but I know how to build and diagnose engines this one has me stumped. first the engine was a .030 440 stock forged crank and rods trw forged dome pistons the infamous 509 purple cam stick valve train single plane intake hooker headers. mallory dist only use the car nice sunny days and spends 5 months in winter hiding so only gets 3k mi per year on it. never burns any oil plugs always looked great. holley 850 hp 4spd 390 gears. of cource with that cam driveability under 3k sucked but loved the performance. the noise sounds similar to road knock but its not. tried stethescope cant pinpoint it tried killing cyl 1 at a time makes no difference. you hear it loudest standing center in front of car or leaning over engine. but only low at idle if I raised idle to 1100 or more it does away. I can hear it low rpm driving to my trained ear most people riding in car dont hear it. Its kind of a thump sounds like crankshaft speed not cam speed. I replaced fuel pump etc made no diff. so I gave up on it and just drove it. last year I had an oil filter failure and all of a sudden low oil psi so I took engine out and time to rebuild. great Ill find the noise now right?
decided to upgrade some stuff while its apart so had 2 machine shops check pistons after I mic them skirts had no wear on them cyl measured ok only thing I found wrong in engine was 2 and 3 main bearings scared up and crank. not spun just beat up looking. that bearing failure happened that day never had an oil psi problem till that day. doubt that was the noise but couldnt find the noise.

so new build stealth heads had mild pocket cleanup 3 angle valve job new springs to match cam and retainers with 10 deg locks. new cam higher lift mech cam but shorter dur 235 dur 540 lift. using push rod length checker obtained correct push rods and roller rockers. cloyse double roller so whole entire top end of engine is brand new. lower end crank machined .020 .020 clevite bearings rods resized arp bolts. pistons machine shop cleaned up etc arp main bolts oil system mods opened oil holes center 1/2 pickup melling high vol cam bearing rotated with left oil galley plugged .010 hole in plug full time oilling to heads through tubing with a .045 restrictor. 11:1 comp motor runs awesome drive ability even allot better than before thraction is a huge problem now. however after all that the freaking noise is there and now it bothers me casue I never found what it was. so did all the diag again you can hear it in stethescope in the center of oil pan or valley pan you cannot hear it in heads or block really take pow steer belt off no diff take main belt off and you can hear a diff. it again only at low rpms. so I changed water pump and made no diff. cant hear it in WP housing or timing cover or fuel pump shes tucked away for winter so I figure it has to be piston slap because I did not bore it this time. but I would think if it were slap you would see some evidence in the piston skirts. so I am ready to give up and drive it and ignore it again.

no I build a 451 stroker motor for my brothers 32 plym this motor received full treatment brand new everything piston rings bored the works. his has elect fuel pump he has my ported 452 heads his has same kind of noise.
so I tried for the hell of it listening with a screwdriver to the ear trick and noticed I hear in in the number 1 intake runner what seams really loud could it be some kind of intake reversion or something maybe num 1 or 3 cyl since intake ports are kind of shared very wierd noise has me stumped now. seems to have no effect on performance or dive abilty anybody out there have a similar experience?
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Dual quad jetting

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Ok built new 451 stroker motor all new build ported 452 heads with over sized stainless valves 10:1 230 dur cam street car motor automatic its in a 32 plym for old school look went with dual quads two used 1406 600 cfm edel carbs offenhouser 360 dual quad manifold and eddelbrock progressive linkage. Carbs were used on another motor with dual quads have no idea what that person used them on. my motor lean as hell took carbs apart cleaned and checked over found the jets are way lean have no idea why but eddelbrock stock sizes are 100 prim and 95 sec with a 6547 rod these have 88 pri and 77 sec with 7157 rod not sure why these are setup this way but front and rear carbs have same setup. Does anyone have any suggestions for jetting before I spend a ton of time tunning. or should I go with eddy specs? motor should have about 14 in vac at idle. second question do you setup dual quads front and rear same or due to progressive linkage change that?
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64 barracuda rear

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Im a cuda man but all ebodys and bbodys till now a buddy asked for help he put a 340 street engine in his 64 barracuda it has a 7 1/4 rear I want to put a 8 3/4 rear in it I know how to build rears etc I can put gears etc in no problem I know I can get any axle length from mosier wondering what rear to look for is there one even close to fitting this car or is it gonna be total cust build for me. my cuda has a 65 bbody housing with springs relocated inward to fit 12 in tire inside wheel well kind of want the same for him maybe a 10 in tire so it will look stock from outside. any suggestions?
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440 cam selection

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i did some searches here and found nothing similar if Im wrong point me in right direction
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