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I don’t care who you voted for, where you are from, who you love, or what you think or do…

it’s of no consequence to me as to what you think about your politics, or my political views, or what you do, or where you live, or what form of God you do or don’t believe in. It doesn’t matter where you are from or aren’t from, or what you l…

Memorial Day; I would like to thank the Dutch

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I would like to thank the people of the Neatherlands for taking care of US soldiers in Europe.

I have an in-law burried here. Ken Nichol; he was a …

Here’s one…on BAT

Not mine…looks pretty Cherry!

No Reserve: 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham


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I’ve been trying to remove the original applied CHP “day two” yellow paint. I finally succeeded with the help of a pressure washer…..more to go….we should have a nearly original CHP paint uncovered after 45 years soon!!!!! You can see the “shadow” of the “HIGHWAY PATROL” decal on the deck lid. I’m really happy about the…


59-64 Imperial ash tray bezel etc $20

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if you know what it’s for it yours for $20 plus the ride. Or make an offer I may just give it to you…

1970 300-H / HURST End Caps

Hey guys, I’m trying to help a fellow Chrysler Hurst owner find the 300 Hurst specific “end caps� or Hurst rear quater panel extensions.

He’s restoring a 70 300-H in reverse colors of TX9 Black Velvet and Hurst Gold and White.

Any help or lea…