Author: Drew-Pritchett

RB block water pump housing

yep, need a water pump housing. Any help would be great.

Broken bolt in thermostat housing….

Ok I friggin snapped the bolt that holds my water neck to my water pump housing. I’m apparently not a very good machinist, I tried using a bolt extractor kit for harbor freight and probably made it worse.

Any advice on getting it removed without buying a whole new water pump housing? My plan would be to drill out the hole larger and run a new bolt and nut to mount.

1964 Chrysler 300k with 413 AC is the car.

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Freeze plug removal issue

hey guys on my 64 300k with 413 front driverside freeze plug started to leak so I got a new plug. I attempted to remove the leaky one and it just crumbled and my screw driver went right through it!(I couldn’t get a socket or pipe to punch it out due to the motor mount in the way).

Any suggestions on cleaning this crap up for the expansion plug install( expansion plug is a temp fix until I pull the motor, I’ve had success with them in the past when installed properly)
As always thanks for a…

Freeze plug removal issue

Alternator issue

well I’ve been trying to figure out why my alternator has been Slightly misaligned. Finally found the culprit. The mounting hole is “wallered” out causing it to tilt in when you tension the belt on. Hopefully this will help someone else.

Any suggestions on a quick fix, extremely hard to find this bracket for a 1964 Chrysler 300k 413 WITH AC.

1964 Chrysler 300k IFS kits

Came across these on summit racing. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on these? How much fabbing is needed. I’d love something like this.

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Front drum adjustment

ok just replaced my front drum wheel cylinders and converted to a dual bowl MC on my 64 300k.
My stopping distance SUCKS, really have to press hard to barely stop. Here’s a video I’m guess I don’t have the pads adjusted close enough to the drums.
Any help would be great!

1964 Chrysler 300k rocker panel rust

So, Im thinking this is going to be the biggest problem to tackle on my 300k. I purchased this car with a great 2-tone paint job and for the most part the body is in great shape. HOWEVER, a lot of rust bubbles are forming under the paint on the rocker panels. I’m assuming the previous owner did not do the proper body work under this paint job.

Now, whats my options as far as fixing this issue? I tried looking for direct replacement rockers online but could not find any for this car….

1964 Chrysler 300k rocker panel rust