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Steering Gear! Is this supposed to have a cap over the spline?

All: Putting the front end back together on my 300 drop top, and looking at my steering gear and universal. As per a 13 year lay off, I have plastic tubs of parts all over my garage and wondering if I am missing something. Is there supposed to be a cap…

1967 Chrysler 300 vert, rear door panel and armrest questions

All: starting on some interior stuff, and my armrests in rear are split and the plastic wraparound piece (not sure what it is called) is pretty rough. I have seen video on how to redo the plastic panel, but can the armrest be bought, or is it one large…

1967 Chrysler 300 Grill extension wanted

All, looking for a nice grill extension for 300 drop top. Drivers side. Any body have anything they have been hoarding? I am in BC (you know, Canada!

1967 Chrysler Drop Top, Fender Splash guards info needed

All: My fender splash guards in engine compartment are completely toast, anyone know what the heck this material is, does someone make replacements, or any other advice would be appreciated. Camshaft

1967 Chrysler 300 drop top, Grill extension repairs,

All: Brand new to this forum. My 300 has one grill extension that has the two smaller mounting holes broken off. (see photo). Is this repairable, or should a guy be looking for a replacement? I have only seen a couple of decent replacements in last cou…

1967 Chrysler 300 Grill exension

Anyone out there know of a nice L side grille extension for 1967 Chrysler 300? I am in British Columbia.

Welcome Camshaft to FCBO!

Working through a long overdue restoration on my 300 convertible, and like to read the advice.

Location: British Columbia